Adafruit Fingerprint Reader on the PC

I just got my Adafruit Fingerprint sensor for a project at work, and it’s super cool!
I’m planning on writing a python library/command line utility for its use with a PC.
I’ve got it hooked up to anĀ adafruit FTDI breakout. The wiring (labels) are reversed from the Arduino, so while the tutorial says to wire white to Digital Pin 0 (labeled RX) it actually goes to TX on the breakout, and green goes to RX.

The one other gotcha, was windows assigned something like com28 to the FTDI breakout, and the windows test program only goes to com16. You can fix this in the device manager, by opening up the appropriate port, go to port settings,advanced, and change the COM Port Number. Then you can assign it a lower number (it would only let me use 1 and 2, as I think the rest were taken up by various Arduinos I’ve plugged in!)
Fire up the demo program, and you’re cooking with gas! I’ll be updating as I develop the code.