I (Kevin Osborn) amĀ  a 30+ year veteran of the computer industry. I’ve done Video Games through Enterprise Software, Assembly language through security architecture of the Java Enterprise Platform.

I’m currently an independent consultant doing software development, electronics/product prototyping and Maker workshops

This blog, baldwisdom.com, is a place to share some of the things that I’m passionate about. Some of the older postings are about IT learnings, and I may occasionally relapse to that, but expect to see more about art, parenting, Buddhism, and hackery.

From time to time, I hope to expand the list of contributors to other folks that have fun things to share.

You can find me on twitter as osbock.

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  1. Hi Kevin –

    I see your blog is new. I found you via my daily Google Alerts for Business Intelligence blogs. Is that your specialty? If it is, I’ll be frequently visiting your site and looking for relevant articles. Would you be interested in having your articles republished? I I welcome your visit to my blog (blogsunlocked.wordpress.com) to view the bloggers/analysts that have become partners/contributors to our newsletters in the last year.

    Hope to hear from you –

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