Woot! Free tool!

Instructables.com is one of my favorite sites, offering step by step instructions for all kinds of projects.

Instructables author Randofo created a cool Arduino shield for programming 8 pin attinys. In a brilliant move to get more instructables submitted, he offered one for free if you submitted an Arduino or AVR instructable. Well, that pushed me over the edge and I submitted my first one:


And this is what they sent me! Cool stickers and a badge! Now I just have to come up with a Nerd sash!As an added bonus, my instructable got featured on the home page and they rewarded me with a pro membership!

Now that’s the way to develop motivation to provide content!

Since getting the shield, I’ve already hacked it. It can’t program attinys with an external clock, so I added one, and put up this instructable: